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Clay Aiken: Was It An "Oooops" Moment?

One has to wonder if Clay Aiken didn't look just like the picture above after he hit the "send" key for his last blog on February 1st. The one he sent to his OFC where there are children as members. Everyone is probably familiar with the blog by now, but here it is again.
It seems over the past few weeks, the tabloids and gossip mongers have had their hands full coming up with new and exciting "scandals" for me to be a part of.
Yet, for all of their efforts to be on the "cutting edge" and the forefront of bull$#@& journalism, it seems that some of them may be running out of ideas and resorting to recycling and re-hashing some of their older tall tales. How sad!?
With this in mind, we thought maybe we would try to give them a finger.... er.. a hand.
For all of the contests that we hold here on the OFC, this one promises to be one of my favorites.
That's right! Let's show off the creative abilities of the greatest group of fans on Earth.
The contest is simple, but will require some thinking and planning...
Come up with the most outlandish story you can that places me (either alone or with others close to me) in a really juicy/tawdry/scandalous/shameful story.
Then, use any photos, videos, audio clips of me that you can find along with your favorite multimedia enhancing/"doctoring" program (like a PhotoShop or a sound/video editor) to create your "evidence"!
Maybe you have "pictures" of me being "abducted by oversized turnips"... or ... "video" of me "dancing with a three legged gorilla". Be creative!
You'll submit your "story" and "evidence" to an address that you'll find online here at the OFC very soon.
I'll personally pick the "story" that not only is most creative, but has the most CONVINCING and REALISTIC looking "evidence"!
(It obviously can't be that hard to come up with!)
The winner(s) will be featured here... PLUS... there will be a great prize to go along with the honor of being the creator of "Scandal 2007"
This one is gonna be fun!!
Feel free to get started thinking...but, keep your eye out for details on rules/requirements for entry and deadlines and prizes. they be announced here soon.
Happy Fabricating!!
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Now, what has happened since that blog? Clay made his disastrous appearance on GMA and I doubt UNICEF was pleased.

Clay's MySpace account has come to pretty much a complete stop. Whoever was maintaining it seems to have stopped.

The moderators at OFC don't have any answers to the questions it's members are asking in regards to "Scandal 2007". It seems that all communication between OFC and Clay Aiken has also stopped.

Why is that? Did the powers that be decide that Clay crossed a line with his middle of the night meltdown? Was he ordered off of the internet? Was he told that this contest of his was a terrible idea? Clay or his representatives better come up with something because fan enthusiasm for "Scandal 2007" has not waned. Check it out:

Okclayhoman My GuyPosts: 4656(2/10/07 4:42 pm)

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A little matter of trust...........
I am not trying to cause a problem here, but after having read all the doubts and worries about some of what Clay has said, I felt the need to say this.......Its all about least in my mind! Not once in these four years has Clay ever given me any reason to not trust him.....not take him at his word.....Clay has said that "It's safe to say there is going to be a tour in 2007......I believe it...I don't see how he could have said it any plainer....I don't look for deep hidden meanings in his blogs..I believe he means what he says.....and even he has said he is aware of how we look for hidden messages.....hidden meanings to what he is saying.....I imagine that must bug him or he would not have said it.....Granted, he has yet to say when the tour is going to start, where and what venues he will be taking this tour but that is understandable...he is still working on that part but I just cannot get over all of the angsting about this......Some still doubt his continuing with the other contest on the OFC.....I do not......I believe Clay is totally serious and is just getting the rules and time ready for it to begin.......We don't , can't know everything at once.....but it always comes.......and in the meantime I hate feeling that we are somehow putting our hands over Clay's mouth......I have trusted Clay from day one and will always trust him!He never stops giving his very best for us.....and for a man who has gone through hell most of last year...that is amazing......There was a time when I was worried that he would just leave us....give it all up...but he took that horrible adversity and came back to us, more determined than ever......happier than I have ever seen him......Clay is a man who does, indeed, walk to the beat of a different drummer....a man who will do what is right and best for him....and in the end, that works out best for us.He loves us back........he trusts us......I can do no less...I will do no less.... not now, not ever.........

zanyforclay Registered MemberPosts: 83(2/10/07 5:50 pm)Reply
Re: A little matter of trust...........
So, glad to read this, Okclayhoman, and my feelings precisely! I have never been able to figure out why some "fans" think they have the right to be suggesting what Clay should or should not be doing!! I am here to support Clay in HIS decisions and he has not given me reason to doubt him. The hardest thing I've had to learn is PATIENCE, when things don't happen as quickly as I'd like them to. I believe Clay is very intelligient and thinks things through, has not disappointed us and the wait has always been worth it. I agree he's come through a very rough year, but seems happier than ever! And when Clay's happy, I'm happy!! I'm sure, in his time, not ours, we'll start hearing definite dates about the tour, etc. I'll be happily waiting for his news!!!!!!

RubyR43 Registered MemberPosts: 5613(2/10/07 9:52 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: A little matter of trust...........
Rachelle..... Walla..... I have no idea what precipitated this post (I'm not aware of any neg. threads or naysayers) but would bet that there is something going on at the OFC. I stay away from that message board.That said-----You have just verbalized everything I think & feel about OMC!!! Besides TRUST, I believe he deserves our RESPECT. Thus, I would never question his decisions or critcize him, his choices or his behavior. He is wise beyond his years! is a man of his word! and is a wonderful human being! (those who complain have their own issues) Great post!! us all a chance to proclaim our Love for and Belief in ps....He has taught us well about Love. Hope everyone visits the VALENTINE PROJECT thread....only 38 hours left to "Make a Difference" for Clay & and in the footsteps of Clay! (donate your time in random acts of Kindness)
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RubyR43 at: 2/10/07 10:03 pm

treyclay Clayboard MemberPosts: 1165(2/10/07 11:58 pm)Reply
Re: A little matter of trust...........
Thanks, Okclayomian...He is totally trustworthy... and because of that, I love him and support him in whatever he chooses to do or be. He has given me so much joy and fun, I'm totally addicted to him and will never try to be cured.Trust... absolutely!

NZClay Feel like I'm addicted...I keep coming back for morePosts: 5093(2/11/07 1:20 am)Reply
Re: A little matter of trust...........
Its all about trust...
"It's safe to say there is going to be a tour in 2007...
Yup. And as much as I'm anxious for it; I know I can wait.
Some still doubt his continuing with the other contest on the OFC.....I do not......I believe Clay is totally serious
I believe he's totally serious too. I think this contest being so different is likely causing a few headaches for those organising the rules and will take a little time to work out. I don't believe Clay would have put that out there with no intention of following it up.With the awfulness of the last year - I'm pretty darn happy with the way Clay seems to have come through it. With his sense of humour intact; and seemingly trusting us more to share more of his personality with us.Trust. Such a little word - but with such a big meaning. It's what those who tried (and some still do) to bring Clay down and separate his fans from him, never took into account. They underestimated not only Clay; but his fans. Nothing they can say will break that trust - and after all of the spurious allegations and rumours - it seems Clay finally trusts that we're not 'fair-weather' fans and are in this for as long as he wants to stay in the entertainment business.And I'm not going to worry about when a tour might be; or when his next TV appearance is; or when or where his next UNICEF trip might be; or anything else. I'm ready for whatever; whenever Clay is ready...

So, Clay. Your fans are saying it's a matter of trust and they trust your word that this is a legitimate contest. Are you going to let these people down? Don't you think you owe it to them to follow through regardless of the consequences to you? You DID say in YOUR words that details would be coming SOON. It's been 11 days so far. When is SOON going to be? These people took you ar your WORD. SOON was YOUR word.

Was it all an Ooooops? Or are you not a man of your word?