Saturday, February 17, 2007

The First Song Submission!

Thanks to the person who sent this for their excellent composition! It does a very nice job of telling the Clay Aiken story!
To the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies" theme song:
Let me tell y’all a story of a man named Clay
A poor college kid rarely hid that he was gay
And then one day he was on the AI stage,
Capturing hearts of women middle-aged.
Fraud it was, AI spun.
Well the next thing you know young Clay’s a millionaire,
The kin folk said Clay, let me help you there.
They said Californee is the place you need to be
While we’ll stay home and use your fame with glee.
Fraud it was, Home spun.
The public Clay was straight, a Christian boy with plans
To make the world a better place, a kind and gentler land.
Little did fans know that the guy they loved was fake,
His only goal was counting all the dollars he would make.
Fraud it was, Clay spun.
The next thing you know Clay was caught up in his lies,
He spent a year or so out of the public eye.
And then came time to release a new CD
But the public didn’t buy it cause they knew he was a freak.
Fraud it was, Career Dead