Thursday, February 15, 2007

Clay Aiken: The Kimmel Show

Clay Aiken appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night. The appearance was of no substance and was significant only in what WASN'T said.

There were NO future plans announced aside from a possible UNICEF trip. It did NOT sound like the UNICEF plans are concrete and there were no details.

There was NO MENTION of possible touring.

There was NO MENTION of new recording.

There was NO MENTION of Clay's much touted "Scandal 2007" contest.

There was NO MENTION of Brett returning from Iraq soon.

There was NO MENTION of potential talk show plans.

There was NO MENTION of his Presidential Committee Meeting taking place the next day.

There was NO MENTION of the gifts and donations that the ClayMates bombarded Clay with for Valentines Day. No acknowledgment or thank you.

There WAS MENTION of the ClayMates beating people up for Clay, several times.

When Jimmy Kimmel joked that the ClayMates belong in jail, there was NO MENTION of what "amazing fans" they are, or that they don't belong in jail. Clay's only concern was that they be able to "buy his records from jail".

Oh...and Clay talked about his teeth a lot and sang words printed on candy hearts.

Great Show!