Monday, February 19, 2007

An Open Letter To Clay Aiken

This was submitted by an anonymous guest blogger who has some things to say to Clay.

Thanks to the guest blogger for their submission, this couldn't have been easy for them to write..


Dear Clay,

I once knew a guy named Clayton. He was tall and goofy, infuriating at times, yet sweet; and he had a voice that made my heart melt every time I heard it.

He was the guy who gave me a flower after "Oklahoma," the first person I called when I got my driver's license.

He was the one I traveled over an hour to see in a dinner theatre performance of "The Sound of Music," just so I could hear him sing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen."

We drove each other to school just about everyday.

We went to my junior prom together, and he gave me beautiful gifts during high school that I still have.

We didn't keep in touch that often beyond high school, but when we did, it was like no time had passed. I remember him telling me he was going to study special education in college. He even listened to my audition piece for a school of music to which I was applying for my sophomore year of college.

I saw him a few months before he auditioned for American Idol. Again, it was like no time had passed, and I could have spent all night in that grocery store talking to him.

Because of where I worked at the time, I was able to see him post-AI on the Idols Tour and the Independent Tour with Kelly Clarkson. He was so sweet during both of those concerts, especially that last tour with Kelly. He gave me a beautiful blue vase with a variety of white flowers. Even though they had been in his dressing room as a gift to him, to me, it was the thought that counted.

That next day at work, people commented that they had never seen me look so happy in the few years that I had been working there. It was because of that night and seeing him again. We hung out on his tour bus after both concerts. Considering how obsessed I was with tour busses, it was awesome that my first two happened to be a friend's transportation for his tours.

Ever since that last time I saw him on the Independent Tour, we have not spoken. I only got a two-line email from him a few moths after that tour. I don't know what happened or where he went.

All I know is that the boy named Clayton is unrecognizable to me. I have never been so hurt in my life by someone who was once a good friend, someone I trusted.

So, I now call you "Clay" because as far as I can tell, Clayton doesn't exist anymore. I have offered countless times to be there for you if you needed someone to talk to, even AFTER you hurt me. Nothing. Now, it's one scandal after another. Are you confiding in anyone? I know I'm not the only friend you've pushed away. I just want to know why. What happened to make you like this?

I decided to post this as an open letter in the hopes that it actually touches the part of you that I hope still exists somewhere.

You know where I am and who I am if you decide to talk.

Take care of yourself.