Monday, February 19, 2007

John and Clay Sitting In a Tree.....

Has the world turned upside down?
John Paulus, who tormented Clay Aiken for months with a blog exposing Clay's deceptive ways INCLUDING his homosexuality has now turned into one of Clay Aiken's most vocal defenders.

Has John Paulus fallen under the spell of both Clay's and Claymate's, alleged insiders and "friends" of Clay's flattery?

It would seem so. In a multi-pronged attempt to change John Paulus's tune, it seems that someone close to Clay, if NOT Clay himself, AND Claymates, are appealing to John, that in the former, Clay has changed, and in the latter, John is the bigger man for abandoning his efforts to expose the truth about Clay Aiken.

Clay Aiken hasn't changed. He's still a man-hunting, money hungry, con-man. If he concentrates on humanitarian efforts, it is only because he seeks to deflect from his utter failure as a performer and to maybe bolster his position in the Holleman case and to salvage what's left of his disintegrating career. The stakes are high for Clay Aiken.

The Claymates? Well, they just want John Paulus to shut up. They will flatter him and tell him that those who speak the truth about Clay are misguided and because of the flattery, John will listen to THEM instead of those who supported him through his year long endeavor to expose Clay for the fraud that he is.

It is doubtful that Clay would recognize the truth even if it bit him on the dick. He is that far gone.

Is there still hope for John Paulus?

Possibly, if he wakes up and realizes he's been sold a bill of goods to keep him quiet.

Will anyone be surprised to find John Paulus sitting alone in the tree?