Thursday, February 22, 2007

Clay Aiken on Mike and Juliet in Morning Show

Clay Aiken co-hosted the "Mike and Juliet in the Morning" show today.

Below are my thoughts and observations. Please feel free to share yours!

Some notes on the show.

Most of the Claymates are sitting on bleachers outside the show. Some got there at 11:00 PM last night.

Poor Claybie is "sick" again and has a cold. When they went out last night to film the karaoke bit, Clay didn't sing because of his "cold". Clay Aiken seems to be constantly sick.

Clay barely acknowledged the fans on the bleachers when he went out to see "Cookie" and her car. He was not warm to her at all, and I about spit out my coffee when cookie asked him if he could drive a stick.

She also kissed his hand and said she "didn't care where that hand had been".

The regular hosts just walked outside dressed as they were, Clay had to put on an overcoat. Clay, you don't get sick from being in cold weather. You get it from a GERM. It's about 40* in NYC.

He talked about the Ripa thing. Nothing new there.

The hosts brought up Jennifer Hudson and her incredible success again (LOL) and they had an adorable 8 year old girl who idolizes Jennifer sing "And I Am Telling You".

Then Clay did a Clay trivia gameshow with Cookie the Claymate who didn't seem to know all that much.

Clay did not sing at all. Second appearance in a row, not singing.

He said he was "much more comfortable here" (meaning this was a passive aggressive diss at Ripa) and then said he didn't mean anything by that.

Clay talked about Brett and the guy host asked if Clay ever went overseas, I assume he meant to perform for the troops.Clay responded he has a UNICEF trip in April but they won't say where, seemingly because they don't want the Claymates to know.

Clay also said he had an older brother and and older sister? I knew about the sister, but didn't know about the older brother.

The hosts asked Clay if *he* had sent anything to Brett while Brett was in Iraq and Clay went into "we" mode. "We" sent packages, etc.

I think this appearance is significant again, for what WASN'T said. No mention of future tour plans or any CD's in the works. No mention of future plans at ALL except for a UNICEF trip in April. Clay seemed very uncomfortable around the Claymates.