Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Did Carrie Underwood Diss Clay Aiken?

It was posted on this blog and elsewhere that ALLEGEDLY, multiple Grammy winner Carrie Underwood and record executives were caught unaware conversing about Clay Aiken by someone sitting nearby with a cell phone that has video capability.
SUPPOSEDLY, audio/poor video exists of this conversation and though there have been attempts to post it to YouTube, it is always yanked almost immediately.
Below are the posts and also a link to another site where this is being discussed. Hopefully someone will post the file to or and post the link or someone will catch the YouTube before it's yanked again and this RUMORED conversation can be confirmed OR debunked.
The Claymates won't be happy about this. There's an audiotape of candid Carrie Underwood comments about Clay making the rounds. It was secretly recorded during at conversation at a Nashville restaurant with label executives in Nashville. Carrie can clearly be heard saying Clay Aiken "weirds her out". The other people start laughing at her remark and a someone says Clay inquired about making a country album a little but Clive "cracked him over the head." Carrie says "Thank God! He's just so weird he makes my skin crawl." Everyone laughs again and someone says they should change the subject in case someone overhears them. Ironic the conversation was caught on a hidden tape recorder by someone at the restaurant. The source seems to be the people sitting at the next table.
The Claymates will go berserk.
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The audio of Carrie talking about Clay is actually video from a videocamera that was turned on at a table next to Carrie's party. It only shows a shady black screen but has several minutes of audio. It's crystal clear and easy to recognize Carrie and the rest of the people in her party. One of the voices is Joe Galante, the head of Arista Nashville.Carrie definately disses Clay and the other executinves make fun of Clay's desire to make a country album.

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Joe Galante's office got a call about the videotape today of Carrie's and his comments secretly taped at the restaurant. They went into emergency damage control mode and contacted Google. They got it taken down before there were many public views but a few people saw it and emailed the link to a few fans. This is the original link that was removed v=LfKTmQNvuu4

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I heard about this yeaterday. There was a thread up at Survivor Sucks to the YouTube link. The thread was locked and then deleted. A couple of more threads were posted after that but the YouTube video was removed quickly but several people got to see it before YouTube removed it.

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More discussion about this alleged diss takes place here: