Saturday, February 24, 2007

Clay Aiken: Why Isn't He Singing?

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Clay Aiken has made two recent television appearances. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Valentine's Day. That would seem to be the perfect time to sing one of his songs off of his recent
CD of "love songs" that celebrated "all kinds of love", but Clay was just a talk show guest and not a musical performer. Instead, Clay talked about his new dental work which you see in all it's glory in the picture above.
On the "Mike and Juliet" whatever show, Clay also did not sing. He didn't even sing in the karaoke segment that seemed to be made for him. Instead, Clay appeared in a "game show' segment with a fan that was beyond pathetic.
It makes one wonder....can Clay no longer afford a backing band? Clay is RUMORED to have settled some lawsuits recently and the Holleman case still allegedly looms ahead.
Jerome was not seen at the "Mike and Juliet" appearance....can he no longer afford Jerome?
Clay has been vague at best about any potential touring.
His lower register is obviously not what it used to be and he struggled hitting the high notes during his holiday symphony tour. Can anyone forget the "Tarzan" howl at the end of " All is Well"?
Why is Clay not singing?