Friday, February 9, 2007

Clay Aiken: Contact Your OFC

Fans, non-fans, the amused and his OFC still await further word from Clay Aiken regarding the special contest he announced in his last blog.
People have been working on their entries and just await further instructions. The OFC has been unable to provide any direction.
Guess they are waiting to hear from Clay.
Clay is reported to have been seen in a Mexican Restaurant in Anaheim this week:
Mildly Annoying: I saw Clay Aiken at Mexi-Casa (on Lincoln in Anaheim); a perfectly good dining experience ruined by the Gaiyken.
If Clay is in CA hanging out in a Mexican Restaurant, why doesn't he have time to contact his OFC?
Why is he leaving the mods and admins at OFC to field questions they don't have the answers to?
And isn't Clay rumored to dislike Mexican food?
Could that have been another lie? Oh, well.
Clay also was featured in a cartoon on a reputable musical website. The cartoon can be seen here: Click on the "cartoon" box on the right of the screen.
Could that cartoon also be considered an entry for Clay's contest?