Thursday, February 8, 2007

Clay Aiken: Awaiting More Details Of Your Blog Contest!

Clay Aiken generated a lot of enthusiasm when he blogged to announce this contest:
Come up with the most outlandish story you can that places me (either alone or with others close to me) in a really juicy/tawdry/scandalous/shameful story.
Then, use any photos, videos, audio clips of me that you can find along with your favorite multimedia enhancing/"doctoring" program (like a PhotoShop or a sound/video editor) to create your "evidence"!
One has to wonder if Clay could have expected the excitement his blog has caused. Some have already assembled their entries and a few of them can be seen above. It seems that people are really tapping in to their artistic sides to participate in this challenge!
There was even a "To Catch A Predator" video created to take part. It can be seen here:
and other places as well!
Clay, everyone awaits your word for further instructions.