Saturday, December 30, 2006

Clay Aiken: What HE Was Like At Age 15

The following was posted at TMZ by someone who claims to have known Clay when Clay was 15 years old.
Her account sounds plausible enough and it doesn't seem that Clay has matured psychologically at all during his life.
It makes one wonder if Clay was really bullied, as he loves recall, or if CLAY was the bully himself. He's certainly been acting like one lately and he seems to revel in it. Clay? Grow up. Be a man.
Here's the thing that amuses me. I knew Clay Aiken when he himself was actually 15, and I was struck by just how immature he was. He wasn't cast in a theatre role which he obviously felt he was right for, so he ended up in the chorus. After all, when he auditioned he said he would be willing to take any role, and while he may have been disappointed in not getting one of the lead roles, it was astounding how much of a grudge he seemed to carry.
He was constantly whining, putting down the guy who got the role he wanted, making "snarky" comments about others in the cast, (one was even to the face of a 12-year-old girl, who was reduced to tears on one occasion, aside from that, he reserved his painful put-downs behind his fellow cast members backs.) He carried a huge superiority complex, thought he was too good for the show, and certainly didn't believe in teamwork. When one of the tech crew, who had grown increasingly weary of Clay's immature antics, decided to hide his stuffed Sylvester cat from out of his dressing room, Clay broke down and threw a temper tantrum. He was "only" 15-years of age at the time, but he acted like a spoiled brat of 7.
Needless to say, his frustration over not being cast in the next two shows he auditoned for was in no small part due to him being a difficult person to work with. No one wanted to be around his negative energy, and his bitterness.
I had hoped he had outgrown his "issues", but these continuing stories of his "diva"ish attitude doesn't inspire me with any confidence.
Clay's fans, those few he has left, should be willing to at least acknowledge that Clay at 15 was every bit as repulsive as they claim Joshua is. If this viewpoint is all new to you, then understand that his "memoirs" conveniently ignored certain actions on his part that were less than endearing.
His sore attitude did him no favors.

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