Friday, December 29, 2006

Clay Aiken: Still An American Asshole! Joshua Willard Speaks!

125. Hi people, its Joshua Willard!!!

I really don't understand why everyone is so upset with me??? The Greensboro Symphony called me three weeks prior to the concert and asked me to sing because Clay gave them the first half of the show!!!

So I got there on Saturday, did a rehearsal, did a sound check, and then Lisa Crawford, the director of the symphony called me and Alden(the other girl that was cancelled also) into an office, locked the door, and told us that she didn't know how to tell us this, but Clay and his people cancelled our acts because they werent festive!!! Well GUESS WHAT!!! We didn't have a say-so in what we sang!!!

So they handed us tickets and told us to sit and watch the concert or leave, and that they all felt sorry for us!!! Well, my family, like most of you, paid 500$ for tickets!!! And then they found out that i was cancelled!!!

The Greensboro felt sorry for the fact that our acts were cancelled, and we had driven 50 min.(gas isn't cheap ya' know) and wasted our day!!! So they were able to let us sing 30 sec. of "White Christmas,"( and for those of you that think that I wasn't loud enough! my mic. was screwing up,[the same one that Clay was using], AND I wasn't supposed to be loud b/c I was singing harmony!!!)

So, then, right before I go on stage, Alden and I are both told that there were also 4 or 5 other acts that were ALSO cancelled! And GUESS WHAT AGAIN... They WERE CHRISTMAS ACTS!!!

Well, I was on the news Fri. before the concert and Fox 8 was expecting me to be on stage Sat., and I wasn't!!! So they called me Wed. @ 9:27 AM and asked me what happened!!! And all i did was answer honestly!!! It is not my fault that not everything of my 45 min. interview was put on the news!!!

So all you people saw was what was against Clay!!! You people need to understand that all i did was answer questions!!! And I could care less about publicity!!! I just want whoever cancelled my act, and many others to admit it, or appologize, because they are causing major screw ups!!!

I am very mature and have lots of things going for me!!! I wouldn't try to trash somebody for no apparent reason!!!
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4:49PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Josh0 stars-->

129. Oh yeah I almost forgot!!!

#1. I did not call the news to complain, they called me!!!

#2. You people that ARE claymates... Why are you wasting your lives falling in love with a human being!!! HE ISN"T GOD!!!

And people... another thing...I didn't want 15 min. of fame!!! I didn't know this story would make the headlines!!! I am a 15 year old boy for crying out loud!!! I'm too busy worrying about my own life @ school, and what my first cars going to be!!! Please!!! If I wanted 15 min. of fame, I would get it another way!!!

I am a huge christian and don't believe that putting people down is right!!! And NO... I did not put Clay down!!! The news asked the questions, I only gave them an honest answer!!!

However.. Clay was rude @ the concert... making remarks about Kelly Ripa and making Flatulence jokes!!! And the way he acted to certain ppl in the audience!!! Come on!!!

At the end of the concert he even talked up the local arts and how we should all support them!!! Well guess what!!! He was being hypocritical!!! Because he cancelled the local arts!!! So you people should really put down your defense walls for Clay and just think!

Posted at 5:34PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Joshua Willard