Sunday, March 11, 2007

Clay Aiken Blogs Again

"Clay" blogged again last night. As expected, there was no mention of his last blog and the contest he issued. Typical Clay...ignore it and hope it will go away.
Here is the new blog:
03/10/07 : Where in the heck.......have I been?
That's a GREAT question!
IN addition to my really great trip to see Jimmy Kimmel in February (which was so much fun, and only more exciting because of seeing so many of you.), I took a quick trip to NYC to be a part of a new show called The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. As some of you might have heard during that show, I was feeling a slight bit sick. It only seemed to get worse. Has anyone else gotten the requisite cold weather sore throat and stuffy nose in the past weeks? I did... and although this time it didn't really hit me that hard, it stayed around for what seemed like forever.
I went on a week long trip out of the country to a much warmer area in hopes of drying it all up and out of me. That worked well, but not until after I flew with a congested nose and my ears seemingly exploded.
Brazil was interesting to say the very least. I made a concerted effort to go AFTER Carnival to avoid all of the... whatever it is that is done during Carnival. But I didn't seem to go late enough to miss the SWELTERING weather. 98 degrees with what felt like 98% humidity! Although it gets pretty hot here in Raleigh during the summer, all that sun and heat ain't the best friend of a pasty white boy. I escaped without getting sun-burned though! Hallelujah!And I found a new drink to add to my list of favorites! Guarana (Gwa-rah-NAH). Wow. What have you Brazilians been hiding from us? EXCELLENT!! (That isn't a suggestion that anyone send me any! While I would appreciate it... I would probably drown in as much as many of you are capable of sending!)
What else...?
We are getting really excited about the Bubel/Aiken Foundation gala event in Raleigh on the 31st.You guys have always been so supportive and I am looking forward to seeng some of you at the end of the month. I changed my teeth and cut my hair. I don't know what else i could change about me to keep you talking, but I'll think of something! HA HA
If you aren't/weren't able to make it to the gala this time, stay tuned... we are going to do our best to include some of the special items we are auctioning off online so everyone can play! They'll be more info on that soon... I guess! :s
Doing/done a few things with UNICEF as well in the past/coming weeks. The president of the U.S Fund for UNICEF, Chip Lyons, has moved on (after an AMAZING run at the helm) from the USF to join the leadership team of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundatioon. UNICEF wil miss him a lot....and my guess is he won't find more fervent supporters there than what many of you have been for UNICEF over the past few years! UNICEF through him a going away party a few days ago, and I attended. Pretty proud of myself, considering it was a crowded room of people. I did pretty well, considering! Yay me! Met President Bush's daughter, barbara there as well. Such a beautiful and sweet girl. I TOTALLY know the president's daughter now! How cool am I?
Additionally, we are trying to finalize plans for my next field visit with UNICEF which we would love to happen before July! Like last time with Uganda (and maybe even more so now), in order to keep my traveling party (which this time should include my high school social studies teacher, Mrs. Propes) and myself as safe and secure as possible, we are doing our very best to keep all of the details under wraps until we get back. So if you hear anything.... SHHHHHH!!
Probably won't be until early/mid summer anyway. Hope we can keep it secret that long!! Aghh!
That said.... worry not! We are diligently working on some concert dates for the summer. Since we are hoping to make our UNICEF field visit during the summer, it has taken a little more time to schedule. But, we will be touring this summer for sure. And, for many of you who have asked for so long, we ARE doing our best to hit some of the areas that have been unintentionally neglected in the past few years!! (hint: anyone have a Stetson or surfboard that I could borrow?)More info as soon as we can finalize all of this summer's happenings.
More things (actually some really exciting ones) are in development still. However, my fingers hurt a little now!
So I will save some of them for later.
Miss you all... and, as always, am SOOOO appreciative of you too!
Look forward to seeing you in as many capacities as possible soon!
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::::Channeling Simon Cowell::::::(imagine Simon Cowell voice here)
Clay, that blog was hideous. It's like you had someone write it FOR you. First of all, there were spelling and grammatical errors, and it was, frankly, a mess. Just all over the place.
When you read it back, I'm sure you'll understand what I'm saying to you.
Clay, it was like a 17 year old girls MySpace blog or a conversation in the loo between Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears. What 28 year old American male say's "How cool am I" or I TOTALLY know so and so?
And you "miss" your fans? Clay, please be honest. You miss them like you miss a bad rash on your bum after it's gone. You saw them not long ago in NYC and you hurried past them with barely a wave. It's insulting to expect us to believe a performance like this.
If you hope to stay in this competition, you need to change it up next time and act your age and your gender.
::::Channeling Randy:::: (imagine Randy Jackson voice here)
Yo, Clay. What's up? How do you think you did? Not, feeling it dawg. Didn't work for me.
:::::Channeling Pauler:::: (imagine Pauler Abdul voice here)
Hi Clay! You look beautiful tonight! (hiccup, giggle, hiccup)