Friday, March 23, 2007

Picture of Clay Aiken With A Woman. And a Man.

Guess this PROVES Clay Aiken isn't gay or is just "bisexual".
One of our posters today posted the following:
But he really is bisexual so technically he hasn'tlied about his sexuality. I suspect he's still tryingto figure it out and that's a very private thing. Ihave no clue what has or hasn't gone on at BAF sothere may be issues there. Other than that, he justseems like a guy who has a lot of baggage from hispast (who doesn't?) and is trying to work it out (Ihope). I and let live.
Anonymous 03.23.07 - 9:35 am #
This is a private matter and obviously I can't commenton that. But I just wanted to point out that I don'tfeel - and this is just my opinion - that he has doneanything so horrible to warrant all this hate. Buthey, it's your blog and your choice.
Anonymous 03.23.07 - 9:54 am #
BUT, in the past, this same poster has posted the following under different names, though all from the same IP addy.
"Why is it that Claymates think all webcam pics arephotoshopped but any picture of him with a woman islegit?"Why can't they realize gay men take pictures like thiswith their female friends all the time? I think theyall live in caves, LOL.
Anonymous 02.07.07 - 3:10 pm #
Do you people have any idea how many dicks he's lickedwith that tongue??!!! Ask SHF and JP. Eewwww, gross!!!
Anonymous 02.07.07 - 3:31 pm #
I agree. Especially given the fact that Clay couldgive two shits about any of them or their gifts. Heprobably gives them away or throws them out. Thenrushes off to go back on manhunt, lol.They are all idiots.
Anonymous 02.08.07 - 11:10 am #
Actually, think of all the cute Vegas boys he canbang!
Anonymous 02.09.07 - 2:56 pm #
One comment about the previous thread re: his L.A.activities - it really seems he is "out" in everysense of the word except for actually saying the words"I'm gay". And yet, so many of the fans simply do notwant to face it. It's really quite incredible.
Anonymous 02.12.07 - 12:39 pm #
Meantime, he's trolling the internet for dick.It's too funny really.
Anonymous 02.12.07 - 2:45 pm #
I've been following this whole Aiken/Paulus story fromthe beginning and I think it's pretty easy to figureout. Aiken did his fake apology and sweet talked Paulusinto thinking he's changed his ways. Paulus bought ithook, line and sinker because, let's face it, he'salways had the hots for Aiken.I'm dying to see what happens when the "new andimproved" Aiken doesn't materialize and Paulus is leftlooking like an idiot. Or, maybe that's alreadyhappened.
Jo 02.16.07 - 2:23 pm #
John is a woman scorned. Plain and simple. Hisobsession with Clay can only be explained in that Johncared about Clay a whole lot more than he everadmitted. The sex must of been pretty damm good. Butbeyond that, he has to have a "thing" for Clay.Otherwise, he would have moved on by now. There'sreally no other logical explanation.
Anonymous 02.28.07 - 3:12 pm #
I don't think it's so far fetched that Clay may be asex addict. I know he's a young guy and guys in hisage group are all pretty horny - gay or straight. Butthis guy is on the prowl constantly and often withoutprotection. I think he's pretty fucked up in the head.That's why he treats people the way he does and sleepswith every ass he can get.
Anonymous 02.28.07 - 3:51 pm #
Bottom line for me is this. None of us would be here -not John Paulus, not Percocet, not any of us if ClayAiken had been honest from the beginning. And by the way, where the hell is he? No blogs. Noannouncements except a couple of scattered concerts inthe summer (and who knows if those will reallyhappen).This man leaves a fucking mess behind him everywherehe goes. And people end up at each other's throatstrying to clean it up.It's Clay's mess to clean up. And he's nowhere to usual.
Get a grip 03.07.07 - 9:56 am #
There's no agreement....or payoff. Anyone who hasfollowed this from the beginning can put the piecestogether. It's very simple.John & Clay had sex. Clay was a dickhead as usual.John blabbed. Clay finally "apologized" to get Johnoff his back - especially after the Matt Clemmonsstory. John & Clay resumed speaking. Then Percocet andJohn had a falling out and John got the "bright" ideaof getting even with Perc and the 411 by blaming thewhole "scandal" on them and saying he was lying. ButPerc, being too bright for John, decided to publishhis emails (VERY smart Perc). Now everyone (includingClay) knows what a shithead John is. And I highlydoubt John will be hearing from Clay again now that heknows what a phoney John is...not that Clay's anybetter.And that my friends is the whole sad sordid truth.
Anonymous 03.07.07 - 3:30 pm #
Agreed. They are two weasels. They used each other fortheir own purposes. That's why NONE of us should wasteanymore time worrying about either of them.
Anonymous@3:30 03.07.07 - 3:43 pm #
Because they are both nuts. Seriously. You have NOidea just how nuts.
Anonymous@3:30 03.07.07 - 3:51 pm #
Unfortunatley, I can't share specifics and I apologizefor that. But what I hate to see are really goodpeople dragged through the mud by a couple of dramaqueens who wouldn't know the truth if it came up andhit them in the face.
Anonymous@3:30 03.07.07 - 3:55 pm #
Clay always says he loves being on the road. But Ithink the reason has nothing to do with singing.Whenever he's on the road, he seems to find a guy inevery town.
Anonymous 03.15.07 - 10:06 am #
So what changed? How did this same person go from posting here for months under different names that Clay is gay, go to her posts this morning that Clay is bisexual?
Enquiring minds want to know.