Monday, March 26, 2007

Clay Aiken: Take a Lesson From Anna Nicole Smith

Today the findings were released in the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Accidental death brought on by mixing drugs together, drugs that had been prescribed to her under other names and aliases and compounded by an infection which led her to have a temperature of 105*

The medical examiner and other experts feel that someone with a temperature of 105* should be hospitalized and HAD Anna Nicole been hospitalized, she likely would have survived.

That brings us to this appearance by Clay Aiken on Jay Leno. In it, Clay reveals some situations that bear striking similarities to those that ultimately caused the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Clay Aiken states that he receives prescriptions in other peoples names and apparently prescriptions for Clay and those he travels with are kept together. It doesn't sound like these medications are managed very carefully as Clay states he mistakenly took his assistants medication, Percocet, and passed out in a McDonalds in Slovenia. Clay, ONE percocet does not make a person pass out. Also, ibuprofen usually works quite well for people who have a "crick" in their neck. Why reach for the prescription drugs?

Clay also states that he had a fever of 105.5 degrees and apparently, instead of going to a hospital as anyone with some common sense would deem mandatory, he instead planned his funeral and called his mother. Why didn't anyone insist that Clay with 105.5 degree temperature go to the ER?

If Clay Aiken was being truthful in his interview with Jay Leno, it is hoped that Clay will take a lesson from what happened with Anna Nicole Smith and grow a brain and be more careful.

If Clay Aiken is to be believed in this interview, those around him did nothing when he had a fever of 105.5 and also when he passed out cold in the McDonalds in Slovenia. Aiken says that in fact, those with him looked for a table to eat at before seeing to his health. I don't know about most of you who read here, but if I'm with someone and they pass out cold, I'm getting paramedics. If I'm with an adult who has a fever of 105.5, I'm getting that person to an ER as they are likely delerious and unable to make proper decisions for themself.

Is Clay lying in this interview or does he surround himself with incompetents? Is Clay lying in this interview or is he admitting to careless drug use and drugs being prescribed to him in other names?

If Clay is not lying, he needs to be very careful. Todays news shows us all what a high price carelessness can bring.