Saturday, January 27, 2007

Clay Aiken caught in the act! Claymates in massive denial.

The following posts taken from Pulse

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Today at 5:41pm, faith wrote:new peeps here worried...don't be worried..Zen..Clay will be fine and we Clay fans are fine

Methinks some people aren't too happy about Clay's ATD single gaining on the AC charts. Can't destroy his career on grounds relevant to his singing and performing talent. And way too many fans are still solidly behind him. Gotta bring out the ridiculous rumormongering and goading. It's a good sign, if you stop to think about it.


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I saw the photos at a non PH site, and I don't see the reason for concern. They don't show anything, except Clay putting up his hand to block a camera flash. Cell phones flash. Web cams don't. Most webcams don't point at the floor, either.

They are just pictures and made up messages. Big whoop.

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What exactly do the pictures show? I have been told they look like they were taken with a cellphone.

At least the haters are getting a little better. Last time using a picture of a rocker and then transforming it into someone that looked somewhat like Clay was beyond stoopid. LOL

Your concern, while touching, is misplaced. It was predicted that a new fabricated story would make its rounds just prior to Clay's GMA appearance. The fandom was alerted and so is not surprised.

Same old, same old! The haters' (Perez and his ilk) desperation is showing. The fans are not buying it at all.

I cannot wait till next Thursday's appearance. Be sure to tune in!