Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clay Aiken : Still Rising Like Lava

What's with Claymates and their fascination with lava?

Did they forget the ""r" in the middle of the word? Did they mean to say "larva"?

Who knows. I think Clay would better appreciate the "Lava" shown above. It's "the HEAVY DUTY hand cleaner"!

First one of them declared"He is RISING like LAVA" and now this:

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1/16/07 8:19 am)ezSupporter

I am finally hearing all the songs on the radio which is amazing. I loved all these songs for years and am so glad that Clay added some fresh air to the songs and made me enjoy them again in a Thousand different Ways. I look forward to the tour coming up and this road (cd) to continue to do well. If we could only see where this road will take us and what will happen with this cd a year from now, but we are not allowed to know that. There may be things planned that we are not award of. One thing is very clear listening to this cd is it is a timeless treasure, and should stand up to the test of time.

Seems some want this cd to go right to the top and sell millions right away, but that is NOT the direction the Lord has in stored for Clay. It is very clear that the Lord has a plan for Clay and we need to just travel the road and see where it takes us.

I for one like to compare this cd with lava flowing from a volcano it flows slow but consumes everything in its sight as it goes. Some things do take time even Elvis had his share of troubles and it took him time. Why do we think Clay should be free from troubles. He is learning and and he is right where he should be right now. If we asked Clay where he is today he would answer that he is right where God wants him to be. Through the good and bad each adds a color to his painting which in the end will be beautiful.

I for one believe we are still in the very early stages of a Legend. Let us go and enjoy each of the colors that are added even if we don't like some of the colors. The masterpiece will be reveiled down the road.

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